C. Membership and Benefits
i) Active Participants
a) No. of active participants
b) Average age of active participants
c) Percent of active participants over 55

ii) Pensioners

a) No. of Pensioners
b) Value of Annual Benefit/Lump Sum Payment
c) Vesting Requirement (No. of years)
d) Expected pension payment next year (B$'000 amount)
e) Were pensions indexed to inflation in reporting year? (Yes/No)
iii) Beneficiaries
a) No. of Beneficiaries
b) Value of Annual Benefit Paid
Section D - Contributions
Comments: If % range, please specify.
% B$'000
a) Employee regular contributions
b) Employer regular contributions
c) Additional contributions
d) Transfer values received
e) Transfer values paid
f) Were contributions in 2016 in line with actuarial assumptions?